I’m a plant ecologist interested in the effects of disturbance and climate on plant diversity and demography. Much of my work currently is in forests of western North America, investigating patterns of understory diversity in response to fire and forest management.

I am currently a post-doc with the UC Davis John Muir Institute of the Environment. I finished my PhD in 2014 at the UC Davis Graduate Group in Ecology.


Recent Press

Recent blog post on GCB article: Snowpack, fire, and forest disturbance: interactions affect montane invasions by non-native shrubs

UC Davis Plant Sciences article 7/8/14

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jtstevens <at> ucdavis.edu
Twitter: @stevensjt

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  1. Dear Doctor J Steve,

    There has been an outbreak of salt relish in my neighborhood. I know that this plant is invasive, but maybe fighting invasive plants is just fighting the natural course of evolution?

    And has anyone ever really been far as even as decided as even go as even do look more like?

    Sincerely in Saint Paul

  2. Dear Jens Stevens

    May I have a pdf of you paper recently published in J. Ecol.:

    Forest disturbance accelerates thermophilization of understorey plant communities

    Thanks a lot

    Richard Michalet

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